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As most of our sales occur in the morning; please call ahead to make sure
the piece that you wish to see is still available

98 Case 590 Super L Stock #0765
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, Heat, Turbo, New Tires!! QT 30" Bucket...$29,900

05 Case 590 Super M Series 2 Stock #4536
4-1 Front Bucket, Cab, Heat, Turbo, Auxiliary Hydraulics,
Ride Control, 14.5x75-16/21Lx24 Tires, 24" Rear Bucket...$25,900

05 Case 580 Super M Series 2 Stock #4875
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, Heat, Turbo, 90 HP, Ride Control,
19.5Lx24/14x17.5 Tires, 4-1 Front Bucket, 24" Rear Bucket....$34,900

98 John Deere 410E
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, 90 HP, Heat, Turbo, Block Heater, 2 Stick Controls...$29,900

02 John Deere 310SG
Cab, 4WD, Extend-a-hoe, Powershift, 89HP, 4-1 Front Bucket,
Block Heater, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Heat, Air, Turbo...$35,900

02 JCB 214
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, 72HP, Heat, Turbo, Rear Auxiliary Hydraulics,
Tilt Steering, 14x17.5/19.5x24 Tires, 12" Rear Bucket, ONLY 1450 HOURS!!...$28,900

99 Case 590 Super L Series 2 Stock #1653
Cab, 4x4, Extend-a-hoe, Heat, Turbo, Auxiliary Hydraulics,
14x17.5/21Lx24 Tires, QT 30" Rear Bucket....$29,900

97 Cat 416 C
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, Heat Turbo, 79 HP,
12.5x80-18/19.5Lx24 Tires, 24" Rear Bucket...$28,000

04 Cat 430D IT
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, Pilot Controls, 94HP, Heat, Turbo, Air,
Autoshift, Ride Control, 24" Bucket...$34,900

92 Case 580 Super K
4x4, OROPS, Extend-a-hoe, 4 Stick, 24" Bucket.....$16,900

03 John Deere 710G
4x4, Cab, Extend-a-hoe, Heat, Turbo, Air, 122 HP, TIlt Steering,
Powershift, Air Ride Seat, Auxiliary Hydraulics, 2 Stick....$44,900

01 John Deere 310G Stock #9999
OROPS, Standard Hoe, 2 Wheel Drive, 79 HP, 2 Stick, 24" Bucket....$18,900

Although we strive to be accurate as possible, all information (including year models) contained herein are subject to errors, price change or withdrawal without notice.  Shinabery Equipment Company employees will not be responsible for clerical errors or price changes of the equipment.
This page updated: February 3, 2016